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About us

A Thassos holiday started it all. On a June day, we walked with my girlfriend on the beach side, and decided tomorrow to conquer the mountains and visit local sights. Guided by thought, we went to a rental and rent a atv. Next morning at about 8 o'clock we went on our journey, full of hopes and excitement, but despite the super gps we managed to get lost many times on the unclear forest roads. In the evening we got home a little disappointed and tired. Our day was exciting and enjoyable, but we could only achieve a fraction of our goal. Didn't let me the thing calm down. I've reviewed the routes over and over again, I talked to local people and planned. After a few days, we started again and finally succeeded. I beginn to think..... Does everyone so determined and dedicated to planning for days during they vacation? We decided to do a business in which we do what we love, and enrich others with experiences that are worth coming to the island.