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About Quad tour

Let me introduce our services to you.

We offer our customers a one day guided tour around Thassos to discover the beauty of the iland, and to get a taste of its history and culture while enjoying the benefits of motorsport, both on asphalt and terrain, and to get a drop of adrenalin.

In addition to the extraordinary driving experience on our 96 kilometer tour, we stop at 5 famous and spectacular points on Thassos, where you have the opportunity to swim, relax and eat.

The participation fee includes all costs associated with the tour, such as the use of vehicles, fuel, guidance,lunch, and a refreshment at Giola.

On request, we can also provide a shuttle service for a fee.

Requirements: Drivers must have a valid driving license and must be over 18 years old. Children over 120 cm in height can join the tour accompanied by their parents.

How safe is quad driving?

Everyone can drive a quad!
Before the tour starts, our guide will explain everything you need to know, so you are ready to go!
Of course you should not become cocky, and adapt your driving style to your skills!

General information

Proper shoes are required. This means no high heels, sandals, flip flops or open shoes.

Please note that it will dusty!

If you are using contact lenses and have sensitive eyes you may bring some special protection glasses!
If you dont have please ask for it!!

You should NOT join our tours:
-if you are pregnant
-if you have big problems with back pain
-after an operation